Thank you!

Thank you for being a donor and all-around fan of the Zoo. Your commitment to our mission helps maintain exhibits, sustain education programs and beautify walking paths — and in doing so provides a place for families to explore, learn and create lifelong memories. Your support also allows us to provide both the everyday and the critical specialized care needed to vulnerable, threatened and endangered animals. Donor Amount For Module
1 Abhinash 1200 Elephant Day
2 Syamala Rani Vangala 3960 Tiger 1 Week
3 Dhatri 1200 Elephant Day
4 Tejasri illindala 1200 Elephant Day
5 Tejasri illindala 1200 Elephant Day
6 Tejaari illindala 15834 Lion 1 Month
7 Syamala Rani Vangala 1200 Elephant Day
8 Tejasri illindala 3960 Tiger 1 Week
9 Tejasri illindala 1200 Elephant Day
10 Botta Lakshmi 2200 Pheasants / Peafowl 1 Year