Conservation Education

Conservation Education

It is very important component and objective of the zoo park to impart awareness through Conservation Education. One of the biggest challenges of Zoo education is the large, diverse audience with different levels of interest and learning styles. People inspired by the interaction with zoo animals to act in a sustainable manner would be the ones who would be able to make their difference to the future for wildlife.

Zoo Park firmly believes in its vital importance to make every visitor being recognize the responsibility to preserve nature which is combined developed by wild fauna and flora there by the environment and ecological balances are maintained for future generations. Special theme weeks were developed often in conjunction with international animal awareness days to support visitors and students learning and audience engagement. Zoo education is by its very nature interactive and most effective when live.

However we have identified the need for providing thousands of zoo visitors with an educative experience by live interpretation, animal talks and demonstration, guided trails and activities with the help of our rangers and some volunteer guides.

We continued to develop supplemental materials and activities for teachers to practice in the zoo’s knowledge Centre (Bioscope) to present to students before, during, and after Zoo visits.

Bioscope (Environmental Education Centre) :

The Centre also displays specimens, Samples Photographs, Message Boards and facts of Eastern Ghats Bio-diversity focusing mainly on that of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh. To achieve this, education programmes are designed with different variety like signages, interpretation boards, celebration of important (wildlife) days. Several educational programmes include snake awareness, bird watching, preparation of checklist of free ranging fauna, floral diversity of Eastern Ghats.

The Centre displays specimens, samples, photographs and organize different competitions for children on nature and wildlife like photography, painting, tree identification and also organizes quiz, essay writing etc., during occasions like World Environment Day (5th June). Vanyaprani Saptah (1st week of October) (Wildlife Week) and plays wildlife related movie clips and documentaries.